Dark Chocolate Mendiants

Dark Chocolate & Mixed Nuts Mendiants

These tempered dark chocolate Mendiants discs are healthy dark chocolate disks topped with your choice of nuts, seeds and dried fruits or spices.  A sprinkle of hot pepper or turmeric can give those a nice kick too. You can get creative with your toppings and mix/match as you wish. Once you start snacking on those […]

mini vegan cheesecake

No-Bake Mini Vegan Cheesecakes

These little raw vegan cheesecakes are so delicious, creamy and indulgent yet virtually guilt-free! this dairy-free, raw cheesecake recipe is made with soaked cashews instead of cream cheese and the base is made with simple ingredients such as pecans, maple sugar & coconut oil. It serves as a great dessert for your dinner party or […]

Gluten free almond tahini cookie

Quick & Easy Gluten Free Tahini Almond Cookies

These quick and easy Tahini cookies are healthy and a great option for people with gluten intolerance. They are made with very few and simple ingredients and only take about 15 minutes to make. I love making them for an easy snack on the go when I’m short on time. They are so easy to […]

Carob & Date Bites with a touch of Lemon-Mint

These bake-free delightful little raw vegan date snacks are low in sugar, healthy and tasty. They are packed with fiber, vitamins & minerals. Makes about 40 truffles. They also a great snack for people with diabetes that want something sweet without the guilt. Print Recipe Carob & Date Bites with a touch of Lemon-Mint Votes: […]

Indian Channa Masala

I love Indian food. This traditional Indian Channa Masala dish is very filling and is fairly quick and simple to make and has an amazing bold flavor & aroma. It can also be prepared ahead and stored for a couple of days for lunch or dinner. It can be served as an entree with some […]

Coconut Kale

This recipe is a nice way to incorporate dark greens into your diet and it’s very simple to make. I like serving it with some white rice. The sweetness of the coconut helps to balance some of the bitter taste of the kale. Print Recipe Coconut Kale Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! […]

Prickly Pear Drink

Healthy Prickly Pear Drink

This prickly pear drink reminds me of my childhood. Growing up we had many fruit trees in the back yard and also cactus plants near by. Me and my dad would go and cut the pears off the cactus and no matter what gloves you wore or how gently you handled the fruit I always […]

Vegan-friendly graham crackers

This is a Graham crackers recipe from my vegan pastry instructor Fran Costigan, they are made with toasted whole wheat pastry flour, for that classic graham cracker taste. They are a great less-processed, home-made vegan alternative you can use to create your own delicious desserts and are fun to make. I used them to make […]

Banana Tahini smoothie

Banana Tahini Smoothie

This is a classic Banana Tahini Smoothie recipe with banana and a touch of dates and ginger. This filling drink is quick and easy and also packed with nutrient. Tahini is paste made of sesame seeds, a great way to obtain B vitamins such as thimine, along with minerals, including magnesium and copper, iron and […]

Healthy Green Starfruit Smoothie

This green Starfruit smoothie is healthy and refreshing. It is packed with vitamins ans minerals from the green leaves and the nuts and dates, easy and quick to make and tastes delicious. The star fruit is a tropical fruit and is not always available at the local store where I live but I love buying […]

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