Karachi Masala Spiced Potatoes

Karachi Masala Spiced Potatoes

The Karachi Masala spiced Potatoes recipe is a lightly spiced, Pakistani-inspired side dish. It goes particularly well with steamed rice and other vegetable curries. You can also serve it along with my Indian dosa recipe for a filling, gluten free meal. I was given the Karachi Masala spice sample by Chef Antonio from Seasonality Spices. […]

green beans & roasted potato dinner

French green beans & roasted potato dinner

This french green beans & potato dinner recipeĀ  is a 2-in-1 dinner idea of two sides that together can be served as a meal for two. The green beans can be cooked while the potatoes are in the oven to save you time so you can have both ready within about 30 minutes. I served […]

Refreshing vegan banana mango smoothie

Super easy and healthy smoothie. When I have some left over ripe fruit laying around I just throw it all in the blender and make a yummy drink. I love fresh ripe mango, this drink is very sweet but packed with nutrient, I added a bit of turmeric for anti-inflammatory benefits too. No need for […]

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