Israeli couscous salad

Israeli couscous salad with baby corn and pine nuts

I love making Israeli couscous recipes! (well, I’m originally from Israel so it reminds me of my childhood).┬áIsraeli couscous is a type of toasted pasta shaped like rice grains or little balls developed in Israel in the 1950s when rice was scarce. On days that I’m short on time but still want to eat a […]

Asian veggie stirfry and coconut price

Vegetable stir fry with coconut rice

I LOVE stir frys. There are so many different ways to vary them, I like to use up fresh vegetables from my fridge and I always change up the sauce depending on what I’m in the mood for. Using a steel wok, the key is to prepare all items ahead of time as you are […]

Israeli couscous salad with tofu and sweet potato

Israeli Couscous with Sweet Potato & Tofu

An Israeli couscous recipe that is tasty and healthy, even the kids would love it. Packed with nutrient from the sweet potato and protein from the tofu, this dish is delicious and not too complicated to make. If you are intimidated by cooking new recipes, this is a fool proof meal. I grew up eating […]

No oil Sweet Balsamic Dressing

This simple yet delicious sweet balsamic dressing is a great way to dress up a dish without using any oil. It is quick and easy to make and adds a lot of flavor to a salad or cooked vegetables. All you need is a few simple ingredients and 20 minutes at the most so if […]

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