Karachi Masala Spiced Potatoes

Karachi Masala Spiced Potatoes

The Karachi Masala spiced Potatoes recipe is a lightly spiced, Pakistani-inspired side dish. It goes particularly well with steamed rice and other vegetable curries. You can also serve it along with my Indian dosa recipe for a filling, gluten free meal. I was given the Karachi Masala spice sample by Chef Antonio from Seasonality Spices. […]

Couscous veggie salad with fresh herbs & pistachios

Couscous is often mistaken as a grain, but it’s actually a type of pasta made from semolina flour. It comes in various sizes and textures. Here we are using the most “typical” couscous. “Israeli couscous” resembles more small pasta flakes and yields a completely different flavor & texture but feel free to experiment and use […]

Layered Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding

Layered Chia Seed Breakfast Pudding

Chia seeds have so many great health benefits to them. They also can be used as egg-replacer and thickener in many vegan baking recipes. Here we are using them to make a delicious layered pudding parfait. I came up with this flavor combination because I love lemon but the possibilities of chia puddings are endless. […]

mini vegan cheesecake

No-Bake Mini Vegan Cheesecakes

These little raw vegan cheesecakes are so delicious, creamy and indulgent yet virtually guilt-free! this dairy-free, raw cheesecake recipe is made with soaked cashews instead of cream cheese and the base is made with simple ingredients such as pecans, maple sugar & coconut oil. It serves as a great dessert for your dinner party or […]

Carob & Date Bites with a touch of Lemon-Mint

These bake-free delightful little raw vegan date snacks are low in sugar, healthy and tasty. They are packed with fiber, vitamins & minerals. Makes about 40 truffles. They also a great snack for people with diabetes that want something sweet without the guilt. Print Recipe Carob & Date Bites with a touch of Lemon-Mint Votes: […]

Healthy beet & red lentil soup

Beet & Red Lentil Soup with Cashew Cream

I love this easy to make hearty and creamy beet soup. It needs few ingredients and since the soup will be blended there is no need to chop the vegetables too neatly (however the smaller you cut them, the quicker it will cook). Packed with added nutrient from the red lentils, this soup is filling […]

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