Vegan shakshouka dish

Vegan Shakshouka savory breakfast recipe

Shakshouka is a dish of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions. Originally originated from North Africa, Shakshouka is very popular in Israel, often served for breakfast. This is a vegan version of that dish made with tofu instead of egg. It might look a little sloppy at first sight but […]

Roasted cauliflower dish

Simple roasted cauliflower

This simple roasted Cauliflower recipe makes for a nice and light low carb side dish. It’s simple, and fairly quick to prepare and you can throw it in the oven while you’re cooking the rest of your meal. Additional seasoning of your choice can be added to the dressing based on your taste. Curry powder […]

Polenta & Chimichurri finger food

Polenta bites with chimicurri and cherry tomato

This a flavorful South-American inspired polenta bites and chimichurri recipe I served at my one of my recent dinner parties. I borrowed the Chimicurri recipe from a previous recipe I posted here. I modified it slightly since some of my party guest don’t like spicy foods as much as I do. Alternatively, I also like […]

Quinoa & Chimichurri bowl

South American inspired Quinoa & Chimichurri bowl

This is my Quinoa & Chimichurri bowl recipe. Chimichurri is originally originated in Argentina, where it’s usually slathered over grilled meat. Here it is used to add flavor and herbs to a hearty quinoa and sweet potato bowl. I love making this dish and have served it to friends several times and they loved it […]

Israeli couscous with green peas & herbs

Israeli couscous with green peas & herbs

When I’m home from work and I have to whip up a dinner for myself I love experimenting and combining things from my kitchen to create quick and easy to make dinner and this is how this recipe was born. I was craving a warm and filling meal and still wanted to get some healthy […]

Baked green falafel

Baked Green Falafels

Traditional falafels are deep fried. If you love falafels but don’t want to deep fry them with so much oil – these green falafels with herbs & pistachios are for you! It’s another twist on a classic middle eastern food that will keep you full and loaded with healthy protein. I love working with fresh […]

Omega rich hemp pesto

Omega rich pesto

Tasty basil pesto, rich with Omega 3 with hemp seeds in place of pine nuts. Hemp seeds contain many vitamins and minerals, amino acids and proteins. It offers a high value of Omega 3 and Omega 6. This recipe is versatile and can be add flavor to many dishes. Print Recipe Omega rich pesto Votes: […]

Coconut Curry Chickpeas with Red Peppers & Spinach

This delicious dish of braised chickpea in coconut milk is so good! it is not too spicy and the ginger & lemon give it a nice freshness. I like mine with a good kick but if you don’t like spicy feel free to adjust the spice level to your liking. This is a very filling […]

Indian spiced falafels

“Indian” spiced Falafels

Growing up in Israel, falafel was one of my favorite street foods and I miss it now that it’s not as easy to find where I live so I decided to make up my own falafel recipe. Since I love Indian spices I thought why not make an Indian-falafel fusion? To save time I use […]

Pistachio Pesto

A traditional pesto is normally made with pine nuts but can also be made with additional nuts such as walnuts. In this recipe I decided to use up some pistachio nuts I had in my pantry and the result is delicious. I love serving pesto on top of oven roasted potato wedges, pasta, a veggie […]

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