Avocado party bites

Avocado basil party bites

I served these little cute avocado party scoops at a dinner party recently. They are literally so easy to make and are simply delicious and healthy too! You don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen to whip these up. Some of my guests requested gluten free options so these were perfect healthy snack […]

Polenta & Chimichurri finger food

Polenta bites with chimicurri and cherry tomato

This a flavorful South-American inspired polenta bites and chimichurri recipe I served at my one of my recent dinner parties. I borrowed the Chimicurri recipe from a previous recipe I posted here. I modified it slightly since some of my party guest don’t like spicy foods as much as I do. Alternatively, I also like […]

“Love your heart beet” cashew cream cheesecakes

These creamy cashew based raw mini cheesecakes have a beautiful vibrant pink color. Yes, I did sneak in some beet so you get in some nutritional value out of these too… The crust is so simple and easy to make too. You won’t be craving dairy cheesecake once you get hooked on those! Print Recipe […]

Chia Flatbread with Avocado & basil spread

This chewy gluten free chia flatbread makes such a great healthy snack or even a lunch and is full of good stuff. I like serving it with avocado and cucumber but it also taste great with hummus or any other spread. It makes for a great lunch or quick dinner if you are busy. The […]

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