oil-free vegan brownies

Oil Free vegan brownies in Air Fryer

Who doesn’t love brownies? Now you can make your brownies (almost) guilt, oil free. Did you know you an actually make desserts in your air fryer?! This vegan, oil-free brownie recipe is a good alternative if you’re craving something sweet but oil free. This portion is also smaller so it protects you from overeating brownies […]

Chewy hazelnut cookies

Chewy hazelnut & cinnamon cookies

This chewy hazelnut & cinnamon cookies recipe was born on a Friday night. I was craving something sweet and wanted to come up with a new gluten free cookie recipe. I found a bag of hazelnut flour in my pantry that I forgot I bought and it sparked an idea. These cookies are not super […]

Vegan coffee cupcakes

Vegan coffee cupcakes with coffee buttercream frosting

This vegan coffee cupcakes recipe is another one of my baking experiments for the cupcake wars event I’m going to participate in next spring. I didn’t want to submit a traditional flavor like vanilla, chocolate or red velvet so I tried a few less traditional flavor choices. These coffee flavored cupcakes are so rich and […]

Vegan corn nuggets

Fresh corn schnitzels/nuggets

These little corn “schnitzel” nuggets are great as a snack, side dish or party food. Corn nuggets do not respond well to over-heating so it’s recommended to eat them fresh and not re-heat. This recipe calls for about 6-8 mini nuggets. Using fresh corn is necessary here so that the starch from the corn will […]

Mini “pizza” snacking muffins

These adorable mini “pizza” flavored muffins are so addictive you will have to stop yourself from snacking. Well let’s admit it, they don’t taste like the traditional pizza most people expect but they are such a yummy savory vegan alternative if you’re craving something salty. I personally don’t like any type of cheese or vegan […]

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