Karachi Masala Millet & Peas

Karachi Masala Millet & Peas

This Karachi Masala Millet & Peas recipe was born on one of those Sunday nights that I couldn’t find any fresh produce in my fridge but didn’t feel like going to the store. Chef Antonio Flores of Seasonality Spices sent me a couple of samples of his spice mixes and I’ve been wanting to put […]

Karachi Masala Spiced Potatoes

Karachi Masala Spiced Potatoes

The Karachi Masala spiced Potatoes recipe is a lightly spiced, Pakistani-inspired side dish. It goes particularly well with steamed rice and other vegetable curries. You can also serve it along with my Indian dosa recipe for a filling, gluten free meal. I was given the Karachi Masala spice sample by Chef Antonio from Seasonality Spices. […]

Vegan Indian Dosa

Vegan Indian Dosa – gluten-free green pancakes

Dosa is a type of pancake from the India, made from a fermented batter. This Indian Dosa pancakes recipe is a great bread substitute for those with gluten allergy. It is recommended serving with some vegan chutney, condiment or cooked vegetables. You can make the batter and keep in the fridge up to two days […]

Potato & cauliflower curry

Pea, Cashew and Vegetable Curry

This is another quick and easy dinner recipe I like to make when I want a satisfying and simple meal. I like to serve it with white or brown basmati or Jasmin rice. This dish is not very spicy and has a nice sweetness from the peas and coconut. I love curry dishes and if […]

Indian-spiced rice & lentils

This is a hardy, filling dish, full of protein from the lentils and carbs from the rice with some traditional indian aromatics but subtle and not overly seasoned or spicy. I served this dish at a potluck I attended with my friends and it was simple and easy to put together. It makes for a […]

Coconut Curry Chickpeas with Red Peppers & Spinach

This delicious dish of braised chickpea in coconut milk is so good! it is not too spicy and the ginger & lemon give it a nice freshness. I like mine with a good kick but if you don’t like spicy feel free to adjust the spice level to your liking. This is a very filling […]

Indian spiced falafels

“Indian” spiced Falafels

Growing up in Israel, falafel was one of my favorite street foods and I miss it now that it’s not as easy to find where I live so I decided to make up my own falafel recipe. Since I love Indian spices I thought why not make an Indian-falafel fusion? To save time I use […]

Indian Channa Masala

I love Indian food. This traditional Indian Channa Masala dish is very filling and is fairly quick and simple to make and has an amazing bold flavor & aroma. It can also be prepared ahead and stored for a couple of days for lunch or dinner. It can be served as an entree with some […]

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