Avocado party bites

Avocado basil party bites

I served these little cute avocado party scoops at a dinner party recently. They are literally so easy to make and are simply delicious and healthy too! You don’t have to be an expert in the kitchen to whip these up. Some of my guests requested gluten free options so these were perfect healthy snack […]

Polenta & Chimichurri finger food

Polenta bites with chimicurri and cherry tomato

This a flavorful South-American inspired polenta bites and chimichurri recipe I served at my one of my recent dinner parties. I borrowed the Chimicurri recipe from a previous recipe I posted here. I modified it slightly since some of my party guest don’t like spicy foods as much as I do. Alternatively, I also like […]

Vegan veggie patties

Chickpea and Veggie patties

Since I have been posting a lot of dessert, recipes here I’ve wanted to add some more easy go-to vegan dishes that you can make any day. No excuses for not eating healthy with these veggie patties! this is another fairly simple and healthy gluten-free recipe for my baked chickpea patties. One of the key […]

Chickpea patties pockets

Baked chickpea pockets

These delicious little chickpea pockets are so much fun to make (and eat). If you like chickpeas as much as I do you will surly like this recipe. This also works well with cooked potatoes and green peas if you like Indian samosas. I try to keep my recipes simple and quick and this is […]

Endive boats with macadamia pate (party food)

This is a little party snack food I prepared for my guests at a recent dinner party. It has a unique and rich flavor by using macadamia nuts, olives and sun-dries tomatoes. The batter should be pliable enough to form round balls but not too soft that it breaks between your fingers so adjust liquids […]

Vegan corn nuggets

Fresh corn schnitzels/nuggets

These little corn “schnitzel” nuggets are great as a snack, side dish or party food. Corn nuggets do not respond well to over-heating so it’s recommended to eat them fresh and not re-heat. This recipe calls for about 6-8 mini nuggets. Using fresh corn is necessary here so that the starch from the corn will […]

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