Lavender meringue cookies vegan

Vegan Lavender Meringue Cookies

I wanted to experiment and come up with a little different twist on my classic meringue recipe that is simple to make. I just added a touch of lavender and purple food gel to these beautiful cookies for a slight touch of color and flavor. Lavender has such a strong flavor that a little bit […]

Orange and olive oil wafer cookies

Delicate Vegan Wafer Cookies with Orange & Olive Oil

These delicate wafer cookies have a beautiful orange aroma and make a great side for your hot cup of tea or coffee. You can vary them by drizzling melted chocolate on top after the cookies are chilled or sprinkle with cinnamon. I love the light subtle flavor of the olive oil and orange. The cookies […]

vegan chocolate Pudding

Quick and easy vegan chocolate pudding

This is a rich and creamy vegan chocolate pudding made with cacao and dark chocolate. It is not overly sweet since dark chocolate and chocolate powder are being used and can be served warm or cold. This pudding is delicious and only take several minutes to make. I like to use 70% dark chocolate but […]

Vegan chocolate mousse

2 Ingredients Vegan Chocolate Mousse

This is a nontraditional way of creating a mousse but when done right it works beautifully and has a rich flavor and creamy texture. All you need is water, dark chocolate and an ice bath prepared to cool the chocolate. Give it a go, I’m sure you would enjoy it as much as I did. […]

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