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Are you looking for new ideas or recipes to cook for yourself or your family? Are you or one of your family members transitioning to a plant based diet? Maybe you are already vegan but the thought of cooking something new makes you anxious. This is where I come in to the rescue! I love working with adults and children and showing them how simple and easy it can be creating creative dishes in the kitchen without using any animal products. I am available for both private and group cooking lessons. Together we can customize your menu to your personal preference or with any food allergies in mind. My work (and this site) is all about sharing tips & ideas to help you transform how you can feel with amazing food as your medicine. (I promise, it's so good you won't even tell how healthy it is) So what are you waiting for?  
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Tivoni Vegan Kitchen & Bakery

Tivoni (pronounced "Tiv O Nee", means vegan in hebrew), it is also the name of the vegan restaurant I will be opening in September 2018. This is my "baby" and have been in the works for several months now. My goal is to offer Lancaster area healthy, animal-free food and desserts. I am proud to announce that we are on our way for the grand opening. For updates please visit the official website by clicking on the link below. I hope you will become a customer. Visit Tivoni website

I have worked with:

Zest Cooking School
The Culinary Classroom
Boys & Girls Club of Lancaster
Lancaster Veg fest